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July 07 2017

Inline PCB Router
Inline PCB Router, CW-F03
V-Score Cutting Machine
An across the internet PCB which is specially employed to cut PCBA components(panel) straight into separate parts, featuring rail-mounted structure without jig lowering. It can be put into production quickly. Featuring ESD static keeping track of, cutting stress feedback, as well as automatic tool changing, it might reach a top speed involving 60000 rotates. The command system developed on the basis of each of our RM system can ensure customer’s rapid and accurate coding.
1 . Automatic tool transform
V-Score Cutting Machine
2 . ESD monitoring

three. Cutting stess feedback

some. Automatic production mode
your five. Linkage between Spc figure functionand customer’s management system-ERP

6. Can be equipped with explosion-proof function of vacuum cleaner

Excessive reliability cutting system

Philippines KAVO high-speed principal axis with a top speed connected with 60000 rotates, featuring ESD static voltage monitoring plus the functions of cutting pressure feedback and automatic device changing.

Super Vision Technique

A precise machine visual system which often consists of German imagining business camera, Moritex Lens and also measurement-level light source; it

sustains all functions of unit calibration, compensation and setting, featuring highstablility and anti-disturbance capacity.

High reliability PCB gripper system

A perfect answer without jig cutting; Some sort of PCB clamping size extent of 2mm, the pick-up device can realize repid loading/uploading, featuring high stableness and low cost.

Automatic application changer

The standard tool transformer supports three kinds of a few. 175mm tools, each of that includes a top loading Capacity associated with 10 ones. It is joined with precise clamping system along with lifting system; three responsable -X1, Y1 and Z1 of the cutting mechanism could realize tool changing.

ESD ATPD panel forwarding program

Panel forwarding solution one particular: the cut PCB are going to be delivered by clamping method to belt transmission collection, and then sent by ESD transmission line via machine in assembling line, or always be picked up and loaded in to product case by custom made manipulator solution.

Panel forwrding solution 2: use group panel forwarding unit ARM-1 dismantle belt transmission series from machine, insert -panel forwarding unit from right behind the machine, and directly weight the panel into tender spot box in ARM-1 by using clamping system. The solution is usually featured By simplicity in addition to convenience.
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